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Written by Sebastian Bassi   
Thursday, 26 March 2009 16:34

Published March 19, 2009 to March 25, 2009

A Dynamic Stochastic Model of Frequency-Dependent Stress Fiber Alignment Induced by Cyclic Stretch
Hui-Ju Hsu et al.

Glutathione Deficiency in Cardiac Patients Is Related to the Functional Status and Structural Cardiac Abnormalities
Thibaud Damy et al.

Regulator of G-Protein Signaling 14 (RGS14) Is a Selective H-Ras Effector
Francis S. Willard et al.

Selective Down-Regulation of Nuclear Poly(ADP-Ribose) Glycohydrolase
David M. Burns et al.

The Phytoestrogen Genistein Affects Zebrafish Development through Two Different Pathways
Sana Sassi-Messai et al.

Dendritic Cell-Derived Exosomes Promote Natural Killer Cell Activation and Proliferation: A Role for NKG2D Ligands and IL-15Rα
Sophie Viaud et al.


Interplay between Virus-Specific Effector Response and Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells in Measles Virus Immunopathogenesis
Caroline I. Sellin et al.

Temporal Lobe Cortical Electrical Stimulation during the Encoding and Retrieval Phase Reduces False Memories
Paulo S. Boggio et al.

Neuroendocrine Disturbances in Huntington's Disease
Nadine Saleh et al.

Adiponectin Haploinsufficiency Promotes Mammary Tumor Development in MMTV-PyVT Mice by Modulation of Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog Activities
Janice B. B. Lam et al.

Inhibition of Atrogin-1/MAFbx Mediated MyoD Proteolysis Prevents Skeletal Muscle Atrophy In Vivo
Julie Lagirand-Cantaloube et al.

A Novel puf-A Gene Predicted from Evolutionary Analysis Is Involved in the Development of Eyes and Primordial Germ-Cells
Ming-Wei Kuo et al.

Virulent Clones of Klebsiella pneumoniae: Identification and Evolutionary Scenario Based on Genomic and Phenotypic Characterization
Sylvain Brisse et al.

Physiological Stress Mediates the Honesty of Social Signals
Gary R. Bortolotti et al.

Light-Induced Fos Expression in Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells in Melanopsin Knockout (Opn4−/−) Mice
Gary E. Pickard et al.

Ex Vivo VEGF Delivery by Neural Stem Cells Enhances Proliferation of Glial Progenitors, Angiogenesis, and Tissue Sparing after Spinal Cord Injury
Hyuk Min Kim et al.

New Genomic Structure for Prostate Cancer Specific Gene PCA3 within BMCC1: Implications for Prostate Cancer Detection and Progression
Raymond A. Clarke et al.

A Chromosomal Inversion Unique to the Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon
Lucia Carbone et al.

Nonadherence to Primary Prophylaxis against Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia
James D. Heffelfinger et al.

Transcriptional Network of p63 in Human Keratinocytes
Silvia Pozzi et al.

Prevalence of Obesity in School-Going Children of Karachi
Haider Javed Warraich et al.

Cycle Inhibiting Factors (CIFs) Are a Growing Family of Functional Cyclomodulins Present in Invertebrate and Mammal Bacterial Pathogens
Grégory Jubelin et al.

Borrelia recurrentis Employs a Novel Multifunctional Surface Protein with Anti-Complement, Anti-Opsonic and Invasive Potential to Escape Innate Immunity
Sonja Grosskinsky et al.

An Analysis of Growth, Differentiation and Apoptosis Genes with Risk of Renal Cancer
Linda M. Dong et al.

Maternal Protein Restriction Affects Postnatal Growth and the Expression of Key Proteins Involved in Lifespan Regulation in Mice
Jian-Hua Chen et al.

C5a Enhances Dysregulated Inflammatory and Angiogenic Responses to Malaria In Vitro: Potential Implications for Placental Malaria
Andrea Conroy et al.

Detecting Linkage between a Trait and a Marker in a Random Mating Population without Pedigree Record
Shuhei Mano et al.

Expert Financial Advice Neurobiologically “Offloads” Financial Decision-Making under Risk
Jan B. Engelmann et al.

Small RNA Deep Sequencing Reveals Role for Arabidopsis thaliana RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerases in Viral siRNA Biogenesis
Xiaopeng Qi et al.

Genetic Variation in VEGF Does Not Contribute Significantly to the Risk of Congenital Cardiovascular Malformation
Helen R. Griffin et al.

Discovery and Characterization of Novel Vascular and Hematopoietic Genes Downstream of Etsrp in Zebrafish
Gustavo A. Gomez et al.

MicroRNA-199b-5p Impairs Cancer Stem Cells through Negative Regulation of HES1 in Medulloblastoma
Livia Garzia et al.

High-Throughput Proteomics Detection of Novel Splice Isoforms in Human Platelets
Karen A. Power et al.

Reducing Glycosphingolipid Content in Adipose Tissue of Obese Mice Restores Insulin Sensitivity, Adipogenesis and Reduces Inflammation
Marco van Eijk et al.

Alveolar Epithelial Type II Cells Activate Alveolar Macrophages and Mitigate P. Aeruginosa Infection
Shibichakravarthy Kannan et al.

Age-Related Cellular Copper Dynamics in the Fungal Ageing Model Podospora anserina and in Ageing Human Fibroblasts
Christian Q. Scheckhuber et al.

The Oncogenic EWS-FLI1 Protein Binds In Vivo GGAA Microsatellite Sequences with Potential Transcriptional Activation Function
Noëlle Guillon et al.

Heparanase Regulates Levels of Syndecan-1 in the Nucleus
Ligong Chen et al.

Enzymatic Primer-Extension with Glycerol-Nucleoside Triphosphates on DNA Templates
Jesse J. Chen et al.

Glucose Amplifies Fatty Acid-Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Pancreatic β-Cells via Activation of mTORC1
Etti Bachar et al.

A Cross-Study Transcriptional Analysis of Parkinson's Disease
Greg T. Sutherland et al.

Ultrastructural Proof of Polyomavirus in Merkel Cell Carcinoma Tumour Cells and Its Absence in Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung
Charlotte T. A. H. Wetzels et al.

Coordinated Activation of Candidate Proto-Oncogenes and Cancer Testes Antigens via Promoter Demethylation in Head and Neck Cancer and Lung Cancer
Ian M. Smith et al.

Sperm from Hyh Mice Carrying a Point Mutation in αSNAP Have a Defect in Acrosome Reaction
Luis Federico Bátiz et al.

Psychological Typhoon Eye in the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
Shu Li et al.

A Specialized Odor Memory Buffer in Primary Olfactory Cortex
Christina Zelano et al.

A Fast Na+/Ca2+-Based Action Potential in a Marine Diatom
Alison R. Taylor

Filling Kinetic Gaps: Dynamic Modeling of Metabolism Where Detailed Kinetic Information Is Lacking
Osbaldo Resendis-Antonio

Mutational Meltdown in Primary Endosymbionts: Selection Limits Muller's Ratchet
Julie M. Allen et al.

Phagocytic Superoxide Specifically Damages an Extracytoplasmic Target to Inhibit or Kill Salmonella
Maureen Craig et al.

Phase Shifting Capacity of the Circadian Pacemaker Determined by the SCN Neuronal Network Organization
Henk Tjebbe vanderLeest et al.

Comparison of Gene Expression Profile in Embryonic Mesencephalon and Neuronal Primary Cultures
Dario Greco et al.

Robust Food Anticipatory Activity in BMAL1-Deficient Mice
Julie S. Pendergast et al.

PP1γ2 and PPP1R11 Are Parts of a Multimeric Complex in Developing Testicular Germ Cells in which their Steady State Levels Are Reciprocally Related
Lina Cheng et al.

Fluoromycobacteriophages for Rapid, Specific, and Sensitive Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Mariana Piuri et al.

The Generation of Forces and Moments during Visual-Evoked Steering Maneuvers in Flying Drosophila
Hiroki Sugiura et al.

Oral Probiotic Control Skin Inflammation by Acting on Both Effector and Regulatory T Cells
Feriel Hacini-Rachinel et al.

Emergent Genome-Wide Control in Wildtype and Genetically Mutated Lipopolysaccarides-Stimulated Macrophages
Masa Tsuchiya et al.

The DISC1 Pathway Modulates Expression of Neurodevelopmental, Synaptogenic and Sensory Perception Genes
William Hennah et al.

De-Novo Identification of PPARγ/RXR Binding Sites and Direct Targets during Adipogenesis
Mohamed Sabry Hamza et al.

Serum Angiopoietin-1 and -2 Levels Discriminate Cerebral Malaria from Uncomplicated Malaria and Predict Clinical Outcome in African Children
Fiona E. Lovegrove et al.

Producer Nutritional Quality Controls Ecosystem Trophic Structure
Just Cebrian et al.

The Role of Genomic Data in the Discovery, Annotation and Evolutionary Interpretation of the Interferon-Lambda Family
Brian A. Fox et al.

Quality-Controlled Small-Scale Production of a Well-Defined Bacteriophage Cocktail for Use in Human Clinical Trials
Maya Merabishvili et al.

Matrix Metalloproteinase Proteolysis of the Myelin Basic Protein Isoforms Is a Source of Immunogenic Peptides in Autoimmune Multiple Sclerosis
Sergey A. Shiryaev et al.

Orally Available Selective Melanocortin-4 Receptor Antagonists Stimulate Food Intake and Reduce Cancer-Induced Cachexia in Mice
Philipp Weyermann et al.

Is the New Primate Genus Rungwecebus a Baboon?
Dietmar Zinner et al.

The Set2/Rpd3S Pathway Suppresses Cryptic Transcription without Regard to Gene Length or Transcription Frequency
Colin R. Lickwar et al.

Three New Structures of Left-Handed RadA Helical Filaments: Structural Flexibility of N-Terminal Domain Is Critical for Recombinase Activity
Yu-Wei Chang et al.

Impact of Anti-Inflammatory Agents on the Gene Expression Profile of Stimulated Human Neutrophils: Unraveling Endogenous Resolution Pathways
Mireille St-Onge et al.

Comparative Transcriptional Profiling of Bacillus cereus Sensu Lato Strains during Growth in CO2-Bicarbonate and Aerobic Atmospheres
Karla D. Passalacqua et al.

Dendritic Cell-Mediated-Immunization with Xenogenic PrP and Adenoviral Vectors Breaks Tolerance and Prolongs Mice Survival against Experimental Scrapie
Martine Bruley Rosset et al.

A p53-Dependent Response Limits Epidermal Stem Cell Functionality and Organismal Size in Mice with Short Telomeres
Ignacio Flores et al.

Transcriptome Analysis of Synaptoneurosomes Identifies Neuroplasticity Genes Overexpressed in Incipient Alzheimer's Disease
Celia Williams et al.

Myostatin Inhibition in Muscle, but Not Adipose Tissue, Decreases Fat Mass and Improves Insulin Sensitivity
Tingqing Guo et al.

Reverse Engineering Time Discrete Finite Dynamical Systems: A Feasible Undertaking?
Edgar Delgado-Eckert