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New articles in PLoS Computational Biology, April 10 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sebastian Bassi   
Friday, 10 April 2009 17:53

Published April 10, 2009

Dissociating Variability and Effort as Determinants of Coordination
Ian O'Sullivan et al.

The Role of Environmental Transmission in Recurrent Avian Influenza Epidemics
Romulus Breban et al.

Information Flow Analysis of Interactome Networks
Patrycja Vasilyev Missiuro et al.

Towards Prediction of Metabolic Products of Polyketide Synthases: An In Silico Analysis
Gitanjali Yadav et al.


Statistical Methods for Detecting Differentially Abundant Features in Clinical Metagenomic Samples
James Robert White et al.

A Dynamic Network Approach for the Study of Human Phenotypes
C├ęsar A. Hidalgo et al.

Predicting Phenotypic Diversity and the Underlying Quantitative Molecular Transitions
Claudiu A. Giurumescu et al.

An Analytically Solvable Model for Rapid Evolution of Modular Structure
Nadav Kashtan et al.

Estimating the Location and Spatial Extent of a Covert Anthrax Release
Judith Legrand et al.

Amyloidogenesis Abolished by Proline Substitutions but Enhanced by Lipid Binding
Ping Jiang et al